Routine Fire Pump Maintenance & Fire Pump Inspections

Keep your fire pump system up and running properly with fire pump maintenance services from Legacy Fire Protection in Murrieta, California . For your convenience annual fire pump inspections and electric and diesel fire pump performance tests are
also available.

Design & Configure

Allow us to design and configure your fire pump to accept a flow meter which will conserve thousands of gallons of water annually while testing your pumps performance by sending water through the flow meters test loop rather than discharging to the atmosphere.

Annual Maintenance

Annual fire pump maintenance is essential for keeping your fire pump functioning property. For your convenience. we offer annual maintenan ce for diesel engines, and can change the oil, coolant, filters, and batteries, if needed . Once done, we'll perform the necessary performance test.


NFPA 25 is the standard for the inspecting, testing, and maintaingin water-based fire protection systems. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections to keep your system up to code and performing to standards . We keep records and certify systems in accordance with the NFPA 25 standards and local AHJ standards.

24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Whether your fire protection system goes into alarm/trouble for no apparent reason or your pipes start leaking, feel at ease knowing we'll be there to make the needed repairs and get your system up and running the way it was designed to.